Heartbroken horse adopts malnourished foal days after delivering stillborn baby

A horse who was left heartbroken when she lost her baby has become a mum once more, after adopting a malnourished foal.

Citty the mare’s foal, unfortunately, arrived stillborn, leaving the expectant mother without a child to care for, so her owners Iris and Sanne decided to offer her as a foster mother.

She was matched with a male foal who had just lost his own mum to colic, and was in desperate need of a new caretaker, as he was weak and malnourished.

Iris and Sanne, who run TikTok account Equitality, documented the moment the adoptive mother and son were united, and it was so beautiful to see.

“She accepted him immediately as if it was her own baby,” the pair explained in the emotional video, which has since been liked more than two million times.

The foal was immediately seen feeding from Citty, before the pair nuzzled and visibly comforted one another, before settling down in the hay.

In a follow-up video, Iris and Sanne shared the moment Citty and the foal went out together, as they frolicked around the arena and played with one another.

It’s quite clear the mother and son duo care very much about each other, and people on TikTok have been left in floods of tears over their incredible union.

“I’m crying, this makes me so happy but so sad at the same time,” one user wrote. “She is such a good momma.”

Another added: “You can see the love in her eyes and everything, we don’t deserve such beautiful creatures!”

“Love this so much, in darkness comes light. Sorry for your mare and her foster baby’s loss but happy they found each other,” a third wrote.

Meanwhile, others said the foal’s mum would be caring for Citty’s stillborn foal up in horsey heaven.

We’re not crying, you are.