Influencer says you can fake likes on your Instagram – but fans say she’s wrong

Everyday is a school day on TikTok, and we honestly can’t even count the number of life hacks we’ve learned from the app.

But, it turns out not everything is always as it seems after a TikTok user shared a so-called hack for faking likes on your Instagram posts.

The woman, who goes by the name Fav_ourr shared the trick, which involves changing the coding of the post in order to make it seem like it has more likes than it actually does. Sneaky.

She starts by right clicking over the bit where it says how many likes a post has received, and then clicks on ‘impact element.’ Fav_ourr then clicks on the coding where it says , the number of likes the post currently has, and simply changes the number from 220 to 100k, and it actually works.

Or so it seems.

One TikTok user commented, “I don’t even have 100k friends on Instagram, they’re gunna’ know,” while another replied: “I thought the exact same thing. How is my Instagram going to blow up overnight like magic when I don’t even have that many followers?!”

However, it turns out that while the number of likes did change on her screen, that number will only appear on the screen of the person who changed it, and not for anyone else.

“I am a web developer and this only works on your screen, you have no way of publishing that to their server,” one TikTok user commented, crushing all our hopes and dreams of ever becoming an influencer soon.

Meanwhile, others shared their own hacks for how to grow an Instagram following (without cheating), thanks to so-called ‘hype groups,’ where everyone joins with the intention of blowing up each other’s posts with likes and comments in exchange for receiving likes and comments on their own post.

Looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way.